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Hey, so what's the deal with this place then? And what's with the name "teamwild" anyway? Do I get my full daily allowance of Crap here, or do I need to amend my diet and include other sources? These are questions the voice in my head is asking me, so I figure a few of you may be asking them too.

Well this used to be the site of a semi-serious paintball team, "Team Wild". We were kind of sponsored and we played in tournaments on a regular basis. Then we got lazy and we kind of quit playing. Of course that was after we bought the domain name and build the website (which you can still get to under the Paintball link above). Since I had the name and was paying for the space I decided to start storing some personal stuff here.

The biggest reason someone might wonder across my page is for Broomball. My team, the Flock, is pretty high on the geek-factor, so we've got a pretty extensive web presence with stats from each season along with pictures and stories from the many tournaments we've traveled to. Heck, we've even got an online store so you can be spotted in all the coolest Flock gear this Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer and impress all your friends. I also put together a site for our league. That's a little less extensive, but you can get schedule and standing information for that as well.

If you know me for a reason other than broomball, you might be here for the photos. I bought a digital camera and started capturing all of the major events in our life. Then I realized I don't like taking photos too much, so the photographic production has tapered off in the recent years. But it does get updated from time to time when I get a little less lazy and take some photos of the cool things we do on a regular basis.

The rest of the stuff is actually crap. The "About Me" page is my vainity thing so I can read all about myself. Most others will be bored. The "Other Stuff" is exactly what the precise name would imply. You can find links to things I like and sites I've built. Its not like I'm looking for work, but if someone asks for my assistance I'm usually willing to throw my considerate web skills around.

So, if after that rousing introduction, you want to contact me, here's your best bet: Of course I get tons of email there, so don't use a subject line of "Increase your penis size" or else I'll probably delete it without ever looking at it.

I built this page with Mozilla as the intended browser. I'm not some guy who gets carried away in the software wars or my /insert name of some thing/ is better than your /insert name of some other thing/. But the new Mozilla browser pretty much rocks. So I wholeheartedly recommend Mozilla Firebird and you can get it here:
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